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F Tuned Racing Suspension

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The list of Brands is currently being updated, for the moment Perodua, Honda, Proton list is available for viewing

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Ftuned Racing Suspension DP

Racing Suspension

– Adjustable
– Pillow Ball Top Mount
– Coil Springs
– Monotube / Monoshock / Twin Tube Dampers

FTuned Racing Suspension

Our company was formed in 2009 at the time of sale of aftermarket suspension products and service & repair of aftermarket coilovers/adjustable suspensions.

In 2012, we developed and tuned our own Coilovers & Dampers using our background; specializing in Ride & Handling and Suspension (Chasis) Development.

As producers of aftermarket products, FTuned Racing Suspension is able to produce low-volume hand-assembled Suspensions and Components at our Technical Centre as well as mass produce production through our Partner Factories.

FTuned Racing Suspension is able to Custom Design and Custom Tuning each Suspension to suit every motoring vehicle for any level and terrain Motorsport.

We have a network of authorized dealers throughout the country that market our products covering Klang Valley, Northern East Coast, Southern Region, and East Malaysia.

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