Aiman Tino FTuned CLS Myvi G3

Aiman Tino’s Myvi is lowered by FTuned CLS

At FTuned Racing Suspension, we are truly honored by our customers who support our products. We especially thank you to Mr. Aiman Tino who uses our FTuned Comfort Lowered Spring (CLS) as his choice to be used on his Awesome Perodua Myvi G3.
We also would like to thank MG3HUB for the awesome video and feature of Aiman Tino’s Myvi G3, and for mentioning our product in the video!

The paint job that was done on his Myvi G3 looks amazing and paired with those TE37s and AP Racing discs really made the aesthetic look stand up and one of a kind.

Watch the Awesome video below

For FTuned CLS, jump to 08:05

FTuned Comfort Lowered Spring (CLS)

Research and Developed since 2015 focusing on maintaining a reasonable comfort level with a lowered stance for the vehicle.

Why choose FTuned Comfort Lowered Spring?
– Maintain a reasonable comfort level with a lowered stance for your Myvi
– Sport look
– Affordable Price
– Each spring has been engineered for comfort and performance
– Designed and manufactured to be strong and durable

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“A First Step in Handling Experience”

FTuned CLS Myvi G3 - 1

Order FTuned CLS Spring for Perodua Myvi G3 through our network dealer, online, or directly at our HQ

Learn more about our CLS Spring for Perodua Myvi G3 below

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