FTuned CLS Myvi G1

FTuned CLS Myvi G1 - 1
FTuned CLS Myvi G1 - 6
FTuned CLS Myvi G1 - 4
FTuned CLS Myvi G1 - 3
FTuned CLS Myvi G1 - 2
FTuned CLS Myvi G1 - 7

1st Generation (G1) M300
2005 – 2011

*Compatible with all variant
Standard, SE, LE, G2 (Lagi Best)

FTuned CLS Myvi G1

Improve the handling of your Myvi G1 with FTuned CLS (Comfort Lowered) and aesthetically lowered height. Unlock the ability of a more agile driving experience and be nimble through corners without compromising ride comfort feel. Feel every corner of the road with improved handling!

FTuned Comfort Lowered Spring (CLS)

This Comfort Lowered Spring (CLS) was made through tremendous lab, virtual and road tests to ensure it is built to suit almost all types of stock or OEM shock absorbers. Every CLS is designed with priority for safety and performance without neglecting style and comfort.

It is precisely calculated and engineered on al basis of height, coil gap differences, stability, comfort, control, performance, load, elasticity, compression, and rebound.

By improving the car’s handling and road control behaviors; safety and stability is the top priority.

With CLS, reach for comfort and style without neglecting performance and safety.

“A First Step in Handling Experience!”

Advantages of FTuned CLS

  1. Maintain a reasonable comfort level with a lowered stance for your vehicle
  2. Sportier Look
  3. Affordable Price
  4. Every Spring has been engineered for comfort and performance
  5. Designed and Manufactured to be strong and durable

FTuned Motorsport

FTuned Racing Suspension, Components, CLS Sport Spring, and FTS Absorbers; have been produced with high-quality and durable materials through Research and Development in Motorsport Industry. FTuned Racing Suspension has been in Motorsports including Circuit Racing, Gymkhana, Time Attack, Drift, and many more. Through the growth from the participation of local events and grass-root racing to Sanctioned Racing.

Our Races, Dealers, and Customers that compete using our suspension components have been receiving the winning formula for all the races they participated in.